By | February 12, 2018

1. Gambling:

Gambling became legal in Nevada in 1931. From there, Las Vega became famous for being one of the world’s most exciting cities to place bets. In addition to all of the impressive casinos, there are also poker machines and slot machines at the airport and in convenience stores. The casinos on the Strip offer every kind of gaming you could possibly imagine: machines, sportsbooks, and table games. Craps and blackjack offer some of the casino’s best odds. The worst odds come from Keno and Roulette. If you’ve never gambled before, most machines are pretty easy to learn. There are tutorials offered by many hotels. Keep in mind that smart gamblers know and have the discipline to walk away at the right time.

2. The Strip:

Officially called Las Vegas Boulevard, the mile-mile avenue is home to many of world’s largest hotels. Originally most Las Vegas hotels were located downtown, but then became concentrated along the strip in the area focused on tourism. It made it very convenient since visitors don’t ever have to leave the Strip. In addition to hotels and casinos, there is also curbside entertainment, upscale restaurants, and luxury shopping malls.

3. Celebrities

They are always tons of celebrities in Las Vegas. They host parties, stage events and are entertainers at many of the attractions. Celebrities ranging from reality television to A-list stars love to pose for the photographers and hit the tables in Vegas. Visitors flock to the most popular hot spots hoping to see some of rich and famous and their dreams often do come true.

4. Showgirls

Wearing sequined bikinis, high heels, and enormous feathered headdresses, the showgirls are an icon of Las Vegas. Classic productions such as the Follies Bergere and Lido de Paris first made them famous. Although those shows have been closed down, there are still plenty of showgirls that can be seen in Jubilee, one of the grandest productions shows on the Strip.

5. Heat

Las Vegas, Nevada is located in the Mojave Desert. During the summer the temperatures often hit triple digits. People like to point out that it’s a dry heat, to claim that makes it easier to endure. However, temperatures can still reach up to 110 degrees. All buildings in Las Vegas are airconditioned, and a majority of visitors spend most of their time at the pool or in the casinos. You should make sure that you drink lots of fluids. You can easily get dehydrated. If you are there during the summer, you should do your outdoor activities either in the early morning or after the sun has gone down.